Patent & trademark is a firm with more than a decade of experience in field of intellectual property rights. In particular, we have a lot of experience in the field of patents, which includes, amongst other things, preparation, writing, translation and filing of European patents, validation of patents, representation before Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic, and even cancellation of granted patents.


It is our philosophy that the benefit of a client is primary. We see the crux of our work as finding ways and methods of reaching the goals set out by a customer. Thus we believe that the representation does not mean just forwarding of the correspondence, but that it includes complex set of services. We treat every customer and every case with great care, which means that we do not just blindly follow customer’s instructions, but that we actively provide our expert advice and try to come up with best and most effective solutions for customer’s benefit. We consider our work creative, for every case is unique and peculiar and requires individual approach, because schematic approaches often do not yield the best results. We do not hesitate to come with novel solutions when needed, and we see each case also as a lesson which enriches our experience.




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